Flagstones Makeup Bag

By Cor


Crafted from 100 % linen and printed with Jaz’s hand-painted Flagstones print, this multi use bag is intended as a makeup bag but can be used for whatever you like! A pencil case, purse or just a spot to keep your bits and bobs. Jaz treated herself to two and uses one for makeup and one for skincare. We hope they bring a fun splash of colour to your every day.

Our makeup bags are crafted from 100% linen fabric and are printed with Jaz's paintings. The Flagstones print is inspired by the paved streets of Antiparos in Greece, the grout painted white by the owners of the businesses that line them. Too narrow for cars, pedestrians and scooters wind slowly between the chairs that spill out of the tavernas, cats sleep in flower pots or slink their way between the legs of diners looking for morsels dropped or given. The sounds of old men aggressively rolling dice on backgammon boards and shout-talking over their ouzo during the afternoon gives way to the multilingual babel of sunburnt tourists as the sun sets. A place where Jaz and her partner Rono met up while living apart in Brisbane and London for the first 6 months of their relationship and somewhere they have returned to many times since.

Each pouch measures 21cm X 15cm, is crafted from 100% linen and digitally printed using biodegradable water based inks saving over 60L of water per metre of fabric compared to conventional fabric printing. No waste water or pollution was created in this printing process. As these inks are biodegradable, colours may fade over time. To keep them looking bright and new please hand wash and rinse in cold water, avoiding tumble dryers.