Care & Repair


Buying sustainably made fashion is an investment. You can prolong the life of your precious pieces by thoughtfully caring for them. Always follow the care instructions as per the label on each Cor garment, wash with natural, eco-friendly detergents and store properly on hangers or in fabric storage bags. Our garments are digitally printed with artwork; to retain the integrity of the colour, we recommend you wash inside out on cold wash cycle and dry out of direct sun.


We encourage you to live out your adventures in COR and with that comes inevitable wear and tear. If your COR piece has sustained such signs of life, we are happy to repair your piece from our studio at a reasonable cost (please contact us for a quote).


All our designs are drafted, tested and retested in our studio. Each garment is hand made so mistakes can happen; in the unlikely event there is a fault in the original construction, we will fix the garment at no cost. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of a COR piece either bought directly through us or one of our wonderful stockists, please get in touch


All good things must come to an end. If your garment can no longer be worn, mended, donated or upcycled, rest assured it will biodegrade. Alternatively, we recommend consulting your local council to find your nearest textile recycling scheme.