Born out of the pursuit for the perfectly tailored pair of pants, and a paintbrush that couldn’t be put down, Cor is the lovechild of art, fashion, and sustainability. 

Founded in 2016 in East London by artist and designer Jaz Hunt, Cor has always been centred around modern design, originality, and clean, conscious practices. With the help of fellow artisans and accomplished craftsmen, we’ve grown our brand by responding to lifestyle rather than trends. We celebrate quality, community, and all the best moments you live in your clothes. 

As a Brit-born wanderer who grew up in Byron Bay (and just a handful of places in between), Jaz’s inspiration is rooted in many places and stages in her life. Her time growing up in Portugal imprinted on her a deep love for patterns, colour, and self expression. It even inspired the name for her brand –‘Cor’ is the Portuguese word for ‘colour’. Throughout the brand’s evolution, this word has remained relevant as ever, as Cor continues to be an expression of all the places where we’ve felt most alive, most full of colour. 


Welcome To The Joy Factory!
Cor is slow fashion that gets your heart racing. We’re not here to produce throwaway pieces you’ll love for a season and then forget about. We’re here to forge moments you’ll remember forever, in durable, comfortable clothes to treasure. 

Artwork You Live In
Each pattern begins its life as an original painting by our founder Jaz. We use digital printing to take her paintings from the canvas to the cloth, which helps us capture the movement and feeling of each brush stroke. 

A Clean, Non-Toxic Fabric Story
Toxic chemicals have become a standard part of the production process within the mainstream garment industry, especially fast fashion. We work closely with our suppliers to source natural, low impact fabrics free of harsh and destructive chemicals (both for your clothes and your skin!). To prevent harmful chemicals entering our waterways, we intentionally focus on digitally printing our fabrics rather than using  traditional printing methods such as block or screen printing. 

Handmade So Your Day’s Made 

Every garment in the fashion industry passes through the hands of a maker at some, if not all stages, but most are mass produced without consideration for fit, comfort or durability. Every original Cor design is drawn and cut by hand (our hands!). Our prototypes go through multiple review stages to ensure we’ve created a classic fit that will compliment anyone who slips their self inside. 

Waste Not, Want Not 

Waste is a design flaw – one we set out to minimise from the very beginning. We aim to produce only what we need by employing minimal waste pattern making techniques so less fabric goes in the bin. When we need scrap solutions, large pieces are turned into floppy hats and small pieces into scrunchies! 

Feminism Looks Good On You 

All our pieces are made in an ethical cut, make, and trim facility by a team of garment workers –  80% of which are women. All are paid a living wage, pension fund (superannuation equivalent), paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance and overtime pay. You wouldn’t work for minimum wage, and neither should our garment makers. 

Every Thread Counts 

70% of a company’s environmental impact happens at a raw material level. Our mission is to exclusively use responsibly sourced fabrics that are sustainable for our planet. Our current library of fabrics include Eco Rayon, Linen and GOTS certified organic cotton. Read more about these fabrics and the stories behind them on our sustainability page. 

It’s Fashion First That Lasts Forever  

Sustainability is built into every stage of our process, from the initial sketch to the final stretch (mailing your goodies to you). Our intention is to create joyful clothing that lasts your lifetime and is passed onto wardrobes beyond yours – like a ripple effect of joy. 


We respectfully acknowledge The Arakwal People of The Bundjalung Nation, the rightful custodians of the land on which we live and work on today. We acknowledge their long standing artistic traditions on this land, and pay our respect and gratitude to elders past, present and future.